The Bixby understands the importance of game day.

At The Bixby, we understand the importance of game day. It’s more than a weekly excuse to suit up in your team colors; it’s something our residents are passionate about.

Therefore, we are too! That’s why we’ve completely outfitted our DC apartments for rent with the perfect game-day escape for every type of fan.

For introverted fans whose deep-rooted superstition requires they watch the game alone in the privacy of their own homes…

Our DC apartments comes fully equipped with expansive kitchens, providing the perfect prep-space for your legendary game-day nachos; and spacious floor plans, providing plenty of room to pace around.

For extroverted fans who live by the motto “we’re better together“…

The Bixby’s game room is fully equipped with media area, catering kitchen and bar, giving you all of the game-day necessities to surround yourself with an army of allies.

For totally drained fans at the end of a really long week…

Skip the prep work and head out to one of our local retailers for a delicious game-day viewing experience. Better yet, when the season’s right, ride your bike to Nationals Park and watch the game in person!

Most importantly, feel like a winner with an A Team that strives to make each day more enjoyable than the last, by touring The Bixby’s DC apartments for rent.

Contact us to schedule your tour today!