We make sure you have all the energy you need to live out your ideal DC lifestyle.

At The Bixby, we know our residents are busy people. You’re out making a great impression at your job during the weekdays, then taking advantage of the best happy hours in the evening, and exploring your city, our great nation’s capital, on the weekends.

One of the benefits of being located in the middle of DC is never running out of things to do. With vibrant neighborhoods like Navy Yard and Capitol Hill just a couple of steps away, it can feel like you’re constantly on the go.

There’s nothing worse than getting sluggish when you’re out enjoying yourself as you travel around the city. The Bixby’s apartments in DC are designed to make sure that you have all of the energy you need to conquer the day.

Get the privacy you need for your deepest sleep ever in our two-story lofts. When there’s a whole floor in between you and the rest of your home, you’re sure to get ample peace and quiet for a great slumber.

After you’ve slept like a baby, start the day by opening up the blinds of our oversized windows to fill your room with natural sunlight. After that morning dose of vitamin D, you’ll be wide awake and alert to handle whatever the day may bring.

Finish getting ready for your day in a well-lit kitchen by cooking up a quick and nutritious breakfast with our ENERGY STAR® appliances.

Make your home a haven that supports your busy lifestyle. Get the quality rest you need and the energy you run on at The Bixby’s apartments in DC. Contact us for a tour today!