Create your dream kitchen at The Bixby by making sure you have the supplies you need.

Spring is officially just around the corner in Washington, DC, and with it comes fresh fruits and veggies of all kinds (Eastern Market is calling). But is your apartment equipped to take this seasonal bounty and transform it into a culinary masterpiece?

Well, The Bixby’s DC apartments provide the first piece to successful kitchen artistry—the kitchen. You will find our kitchens are tip-top, from stainless steel appliances to granite countertops; the perfect setting to make a great meal.

The Bixby is a good start, but now you have to make sure you have the right tools to slice, dice and chiffonade. On your way back from the market, seek out Hill’s Kitchen for all the things to further upgrade and beautify your cooking space. From elegant knives to clad pans and designer utensils, they have the implements to complement your kitchen.  Plus, they offer classes to help you get the most out of your spacious cook’s lair.

If you already have a fully stocked supply of kitchen stuff, check out The Bixby’s DC apartments and see how our kitchens can improve the backdrop for your culinary arsenal.