Start summer off the right way at our apartments for rent in DC, with this ultimate summer cookout menu.


Summer is the time to eat all of our favorite foods – especially grilled foods! Grilling hot dogs and burgers may seem easy but everyone knows that the sides are the true stars of the party!


At our apartments for rent in DC, we have outdoor grills and a lounge, perfect for hosting a summer party or cookout with friends and family.


Now, let’s get to some sides that will make your menu a guaranteed crowd pleaser!


Pasta Salad

Who doesn’t love pasta?? It’s the perfect cool side to pair with all the tasty hot, grilled foods. It’s refreshing and delicious.


Corn on the Cob

We must have a vegetable somewhere on the menu! This vegetable doesn’t have to be boring though… Some people add brown sugar to give it a pretty brown glaze or sprinkle chili powder and Cotija cheese on it for Mexican-style corn on the cob. Regardless of how you prepare it, corn gives you that sweetness that balances out all of the salty and savory flavors!


Roasted Potatoes

This is the closest thing you’re going to get to fries at a cookout; but this is a more acceptable form for a side dish. Don’t worry, you can work out in our 24-hour fitness center later!


Baked Beans

This is a classic! Savory and sweet are combined into one in this all-American side dish.


Now that you have all of the perfect side dishes to complement the main courses, your ultimate summer cookout menu is complete. Your guests will thank you!


Contact us to check out our DC apartments if you want to bring in the summer the Bixby way!